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How Much Do You Know about Electric Ovens?

The Invention of Electric Oven
Electric oven is a common household kitchen appliance in Europe and the United States families. In American families, household penetration of ovens has reached 98% in 1985 (62% of the ovens are electric oven). In 1986, the oven in America (excluding electric range electric oven) production is 3.33 million units. The computer electric oven appeared in the early 1980s. It uses a variety of sensors (such as temperature sensors, weight sensors, humidity sensors, etc.) and a microprocessor, grilling program can be inputted in advance, automatically select best grilling mode, so that make the baking process realize optimization and automation. Although the electric is popular in the market, but for Chinese consumers, which, after all, still a new thing, how to select, sometimes it is a puzzled thing. Electric oven uses the radiant heat emitted by the heating element to grill food, but though it is also a electric oven, the fever principle and a variety of additional functions are also different, when go to the store to choose and buy a oven, consumers should select the oven brands which is suitable for them.

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Electric Oven Classifications
According to different heating elements of Electric Oven , it can be broadly divided into three categories: one is the electric oven use a far-infrared tube and a quartz heating tube to heat up, it is the lowest class oven of all. However, the basic oven function can be achieved, but just the baking speed will be relatively slow. Therefore, it is more suitable for the general state of the economy families, but they need to buy an oven as well as single family. The other is the electric oven use two far-infrared heating tube and a quartz tube, the characteristics of this type of oven is it has faster heating speed. However, compared with the former, the price is slightly higher. And there is another class in the annex equipped with a UV heating pipe, which can be attached for the high-temperature sterilization. And it can achieve sterilization, and it has a higher degree of sanitation, and faster heating speed, and so the price is more expensive. It is suitable for the consumers with good economic conditions.

Electric Oven Style
The electric style can be vertical and horizontal, and the vertical oven is more suitable for the kitchen which has not very big space. Because it occupies not the ground area, but the volume of the space, as long as the height of your house structure is not very short that will OK; while the horizontal electric oven is suitable for the families with bigger kitchen area, but mainly it depends on how to select according to personal preferences and characteristics and see the renovation of the kitchen. In addition, seen from the electric oven housing, it can be divided into the metal paint and spraying plastics. However, as for the oven door, you’ve better choose one with high degree of transparency and that will be more practical.

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