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Use Techniques and Precautions of Electric Ovens

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, small appliances penetration rate is getting higher and higher in people’s daily life, such as the western small appliances of electric oven, is now coming into the Chinese families. But how to use the electric oven, this is a problem that many users may meet in life, they don't know how to properly use the oven, here let me introduce the common practical application tips of built in ovens.
1, the placing of the electric oven: In fact, this is needless to say, we all know that the placing of electrical appliances should be in a flat place, so this is true for electric oven, you need to place it on a flat and stable place, and you also have to ensure that it is fixed. Pay attention to the use of power, the socket should be maintained clean. 2, the control of oven temperature: When use the oven, you should be based on the variety of foods and weight and appropriately adjust the cooking time, as for frozen foods and lean meat , the roast time will be slightly longer. Remember to turn the baked goods over now and again, so as to let it heat evenly, and do not open the oven door frequent when the oven is at work, so as to avoid heat loss. 3, Pay attention to the normal phenomenon and insulation of the oven: If you are baking food with moisture, condensation may form on the door; and as for the barbecue meat, then there will be fumes emerge from the inside, this is a normal phenomenon. In addition, pay attention that after finishing work, the oven is hot, when you remove and get the food, remember to stop the electricity, so as to avoid scalding your finger.
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Oven Using Precautions
A. Preheat the oven: you should preheat the oven to the specified temperature before baking any food, in order to comply with the baking time on the recipes. Almost any oven brand, Electric Oven should be preheated for about 10 minutes, if the preheating time is insufficient, it may not reach the specified temperature, and it may also affect the service life of the oven. B. Dealing method of over-roasted food: this is easy to happen in the small electric oven. If this happens, you can cover a layer of aluminum foil in the food, or click to slightly open the oven door to heat; and the medium oven has enough space and the temperature can be controlled, unless the furnace temperature is too high, lit too close or roasted too long, otherwise it relatively has scorched. C. Dealing method when the oven temperature is uneven: though the medium oven temperature is controllable, but it is still hard to compare with the rival professional large oven. For example, the production of Chinese and Western snacks, due to the furnace temperature of medium oven is poorer than professional large ovens, when baking, you must pay more careful attention to the change of the furnace temperature, and make the other edge U-turn or cooling refreshments to avoid cake or bread on both sides of expansion height to be uneven.
How to Clean the Oven?
You should keep the clean of the oven inside at usual, after baking well the food, and if there are spices and grease residue in the oven, they can be moistened with a towel, soap and water and then gently wipe the oven wall, until the residue is completely wiped off, and pay attention that the oven interior cannot rinse with water, so as to prevent the electrical components from moisture, and do not attempt to clean the heat pipe, after wiping grease of the oven, open the door to allow moisture to escape. And before cleaning, you should pull out the power plug to avoid leakage hurt. www.vatti-china.com is a leading professional company in China which specialized in the production and marketing of household appliance such as electric built-in ovens, gas ovens. And we have the products series such as gas hob, electric hob, gas water heater and cooker hood. Our products are well known in the world. Welcome to have a look at our page!

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