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Electric Oven Proper Use and Maintenance Methods


Proper use of electric oven:
1. Close the glass door and the outer door after the items are put into the box, open the wind top valve on top of the single electric oven box;
2. Then connect the power, turn the temperature selection switch, the level is generally: open the first gear when the temperature is below 100 ℃, open third gear above 100℃, open second gear above 150℃, and open fourth gear above 200℃, tune into the first gear or second gear after the set temperature is reached;
3. Open the blower switch, blower starts working;
4. Clockwise rotate the temperature controller rotary knob to the desired set temperature (scale on the scale adjustment logo is only for reference) red indicator lights means that the heating; when the red light is off, and the green light turns on, it means that the heating is stopped. When it is red, the green automatically continues, it means the thermostat, repeatedly adjust the regulator to the desired temperature depending on the wind top thermometer temperature level.

How to maintain the electric over?

1. Before use, you must pay attention whether the power supply voltage matches, when being used, the power outlet must be effectively grounded in accordance with the regulations. Correctly connect the midline according to the phase line indicated by the wiring signs, and effectively connect the shell to the ground as signs require;
2. When using built in ovens at energized, do not touch the left side electrical part of the box space by hand or wipe with a damp cloth and rinse by water. The power should be cut off at checks and maintenance;
3. The power cord cannot be wrapped around the wire, cannot be placed in a hot or humid place, to prevent the aging of rubber so as to cause leakage;
4. The items placed inside should not be over-crowded, natural convection of air space must be set aside, so that the moist air can accelerated escape from the top of the wind;
5. Check regularly whether the temperature regulator silver contacts is scared or uneven, if any, then use the contact to grind flat with a fine emery cloth, and should always wipe with a clean cloth, to make good contact (Note that you must cut off the power)indoor temperature regulator metal tube should not be stroked, so as not to affect the sensitivity;
6. The oven has no explosion-proof equipment, do not put flammable materials;
7. You should immediately cut off all power after each use and keep the oven inside and outside clean.

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