Gas Electric Oven Selection Guide


Advantage of built in gas oven
Built-in oven or wall oven is usually placed at pre-designed location on the kitchen walls, and used with independent plane stove. This type of oven is usually able to save a lot of space for the kitchen, and provide more options for the layout of the kitchen. If you often have a few people cooking in the kitchen at the same time, this oven is very convenient. Since these gas ovens are built-in set space, the height of them is usually more convenient and comfortable than the standard stoves. For people who often cook large quantities of food or would like to purchase another oven, the built in gas oven is a very practical choice.

Comparison between gas oven and electric oven
The food baked by gas oven is able to retain the original moisture; unlike some electric oven will dry the water of food. Gas oven heat is concentrated at the bottom, and thus to roast the food yellow, you must ensure that food rotate from top to bottom; However, gas oven with fan can spread heated air around, so that you do not have to rotate the food. However, if you cook a variety of foods at the same time and the shelves are filled, then you'd better rotate the food. Few wall gas ovens have built-in grill, which allow you to barbecue on the upper. Use the upper grill also helps to bake the food below. Built-in gas oven grill usually need to turn on the power to use.
Built-in gas oven has many color and paint styles
Most of the gas oven cabinet only has one oven, and some higher-priced oven cabinet has two ovens. The two ovens of type of gas oven are typically set upper and lower row, and each has a box door. So it is more flexible to use, you bake in an oven at the same barbecue in another oven, or cooking two completely different dishes at the same time at different temperatures. Some high-end gas electric oven has swing out glass door, the door is in different sizes, there are 60 cm (24 inches), 76 cm (30 inches) and 90 centimeters (36 inches). Over the years, the performance of the built-in gas oven does not change much, but the size of the gas oven newly listed species actually is diversified, and the performance is more complete, technology is more advanced, and there are many choices of color and paint styles, which are able to adapt to different style of kitchen design.

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