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FAQs about Gas Electric Oven


Now, although there are a lot of people use gas oven, it has not been generally welcomed, some of its characteristics determine the spreading rate of gas oven will not rapidly improve.

1. Q: Is the size of gas ovens the same?
A: Now the gas oven size varies greatly. Previously, gas oven is only available for one size: width of 60.96 cm (24 inches). But now, there are different sizes on the market available for selection. For example, width of 76.2 cm (30 inches) or 91.44 cm (36 inches). Some gas electric oven cabinets use a larger space double oven. Unfortunately, although these large ovens are more advanced than the previous product, their prices are also the highest on the market, which also don't have self-cleaning function.

2. Q: What are the functions of the gas oven?
A: Manual cleaning and convection functions. Unless you buy professional or commercial oven, the general household gas oven still has some gaps in performance compared to electric oven. When you buy a gas oven, the most critical is to choose the manual cleaning mode or the automatic cleaning mode. Only high-end oven has convection functions, but they are often not self-cleaning mode. Many ovens use relatively low-level lighting. Only high-end ovens use halogen bulbs, most built in ovens</a> use automatically switch incandescent bulbs and some ovens even don't have lighting equipment.

3. Q: Do gas ovens have a grill?
A: A small number of products have full-size grill. The economic cheap low-end oven barbecue function is poor. Many ovens have shallow grill in the lower drawer. Only a few ovens are equipped with a full-size grill to hold the casserole and dish. Some products have the built-in barbecue grills to use the power. The infrared grill equipped with high-end oven has the best barbecue. The power of these grills is large, output power is up to 4399 watts. To facilitate cleaning, some grill is made of ceramic or have a layer of glass shell.

4. Q: Do different priced gas ovens have the same function?
A: Different price, features are quite different. The most expensive gas oven is the commercial oven. They are usually stainless steel texture or use high-performance anti-corrosion finish. This type of oven has convection, bright halogen lighting, infrared barbecue and baking. Buying imported 60.96 cm (24 inches) monomer oven need about 12,000 RMB, but purchase 91.44 cm (36 inches) imported catamaran oven will cost around 30,000 RMB. Some products have grill function in the main oven, and the lower drawer can store items. The structure of many cheap low-end gas ovens is relatively simple, which need to scrub and clean by yourself.

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