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Methods for the Selection of Electric Oven

1, food electric oven is the product with the national implementation of the production license management, and we should view the product nameplate, license tag and number on the packaging and instruction manual in the process of buying. License management agencies certified product has a higher level of scrutiny and quality control measures, which are labeled with the license tag and numbered products of oven brands.

2, the main structure of the food electric oven is a piece of sheet metal processing, iron plate thickness, sheet surface quality, cutting, bending, welding quality is an important basis to determine the quality of the oven, you can hand to push the shell surface, feeling sheet thickness and the internal insulation sandwich Schmidt extent; stainless steel sheet, not just look at the bright surface; plate notches is not straight, flash burr, the missing bending seam, uneven weld, weld flash and even hole burning, and all these show that the manufacturing process is not strong, and they are the semi-manual processing products.


3, viewing the product nameplate, various flags and manual is an important aspect to identify product quality. Nameplates and signs should be securely installed, the content should be legible, complete and correct. Is stated on the product nameplate rated voltage, the type of power, the rated frequency, rated input power ", as well as the name and address; various switch knob to indicate the function and operation of position flag. Easily torn off by hand sticker products, although some colorful, but do not meet national standards. In addition, you should carefully review the product manual, if you found the text is rough, the meaning of the expression is unclear, and the statement is not fluent, and the products may be inferior. Good product manual color printing, including product installation, use, maintenance, and other content are covered in detail, along with pictures and electrical schematics, components schedule. The manufacturers of these products of gas electric oven are in general larger scale of production with personnel quality and high technical level, in addition, product is more secure.

4, the use of low-cost low-quality electrical components is an important means for the poor quality electric oven manufacturer to make money in recent years. To determine the quality of the electrical components requires a certain amount of electrical expertise. When the users buy products, it is the best for professionals to participate in this area, and you can open the appliance door, check the heating pipes, thermostat, contactor, switches, wires and other components and internal wiring installation quality.
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