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Tips in the Use of Gas Geyser

Before the use of gas water heater, we should be sure to strictly be in accordance with the "Manual" requirements, use the water heaters properly, and pay attention to safety.


First, pay attention to maintain good ventilation of gas geyser. Do not hanging items on the vent of the room, to avoid affecting air circulation. Before each use, we have to check whether the window or exhaust fan in the room is turned on and whether the ventilation is good.

Second, during use, we need to periodically carry out safety checks on the water heater. When there is smoke leakage, blockage or downdraught, please stop using it immediately.

Third, flammable and volatile items are forbidden to be placed around the water heater and prohibiting supply port and the towel, rags and other flammable materials are forbidden to be placed at the exhaust port.

Fourth, after use, check whether the gas valves are closed, and check whether the gas supply pipe is intact frequently. We should make regular replacement of rubber hoses, please take the use of the soapy water in the hose connexion to check for bubbles, if there is any leakage, please make the repairing in time.

In addition, in the cold and other extreme weather, we should also be ready for the preventive tank cracking job, so does the 5 burner gas hob.

1, when the outdoor temperature is below 0 ℃, we should follow these steps to complete the operation preventing cracking tanks: a. Turn off the gas valve and turn off the power; b. Close the inlet valve; c. Open the hot water valve; d. Temperature control knob to the "low" or "flood" position; e. Remove the drain valve to drain (again, be sure to install the drain valve, before normal use). Please do not turn off the power of the water heater with active antifreeze function. 2, when the water heater temperature is at -15 ℃ or less, there is also the risk of cracking in the gas water heater tank with the active antifreeze function. Therefore, the water heater with antifreeze function also needs to be completed the steps for the above preventive tank cracking operation.

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