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Tips in the Purchasing of Gas Hob


First, the packaging and labeling should be complete.

Packaging should be marked with name and address, type, etc., each stove should b equipped with a certificate and instruction manual.gas hob manufacturer remind us that there should be nameplate on the stove side panels and nameplate should be marked with model, applicable gas and pressure, heat flow and production date.

Second, adequate heat flow

The greater the heat flow of gas hob, the stronger the heating capacity is, which the raging fire is. Average consumers are willing to elect stove with high heat, in fact, the size of the heat flux should be adapted to the stove cooking methods, while the blind pursuit of large heat flow will greatly reduce the stove thermal efficiency and thus increasing the waste gas emissions.

Third, the appearance quality

Stove should be beautiful, and there is no obvious warpage after the hand pressing the countertops handle; twist back and forth the two pairs of stove angular, and there is no significant deformation. Tin should not be used as the panel material (tinplate used to distinguish between magnets and stainless steel), stove and fire cover should be with fine processing, without obvious glitches.
Fourth, tightness
If the gas geyser air tightness is failed, which a fatal flaw, and it is the biggest hidden dangers of stove. Simple test method is as follows: Turn gas supply, turn off knobs, and brush with liquid soap piping, valve and interface to check whether there are gas leaks.
Fifth, the ignition switch
The location marks of a small fire, the switch ON and OFF are accurate. When turn on the switch, the sound is crisp and powerful, the fire point is blue and clear. Qualified life of continuous ignition switch is 6000 times or more, and cocks tightness is still qualified, while the poor quality of the igniter is only 2000 times. Qualified continuous ignition is 10 times.
Six, the flame burning state
It is an important manifestation of the quality of combustion stove. When it is lit, adjust the damper and the outline is clear with the pale blue flame without producing follow flame, smoke and tempering of incomplete combustion phenomena, which directly affects the thermal efficiency of the stove and flue gas quality.
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