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Maintenance Guide of Five Ring Gas Hob

According to state regulations, general household built in gas oven useful life of eight years, after the expiration of the user should be scrapped in order to avoid risks.
5 ring gas hob
Step One: Please use the interface to check the gas pipeline whether leaks, rubber hose is intact, is aging cracks, if found should be replaced. As a professional gas hob suppliers,Vatti advise you to check the following steps:
Firstly, customers should configure the amount of soapy water for leak detection.
Secondly, vent valve was opened, the air flow.
Thirdly, check valve connections for leaks (only applicable to liquefied gas): lightly moistened with soapy water, drop in the gas tank valve connected with the early to observe whether there bubbles, if bubbles, then need to consult the user to replace valve.
Fourthly, check hose connections for leaks at the interface: experiments with the detection method.
Finally, If the above method is still not able to lift leaks, you need to home maintenance
Step Two, the use of stove users to regularly clean up the fire cover fire hole, and should be regularly cleaned to prevent clogging dust inside the burner, cobwebs and other debris.
Step Three, stove fire cover is damaged, be sure to buy original products, cannot be replaced in order to avoid undesirable combustion state.
Step Four, the intake hose long-term use when aging or damaged, the formation of security risks. Therefore, the aging phenomenon intake hose should be replaced must fill with sticky tape after continued use.
Step Five, the use of artificial gas or other special gas source users and require frequent cleaning of the fire cover fire hole to prevent blockage.
Step Six, different gas source, the use of gas stoves should also be different, which is in the purchase, please note. If you are using a gas source is changed, be sure to ask the original manufacturer of your stove for the corresponding modification before use.
Step Seven, the use of gas stoves people not far away. Event of leakage or due to accidental causes (wind, water, overflow, etc.) when the flame goes out, you should immediately turn off the gas supply master switch, open windows and doors, rapid ventilation, remember not to fire or electrical switches, to prevent spark off the gas.
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