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How to Choose a Good Gas Geyser

The energy that gas geysers used is flammable.Its form is divided into vertical type, flue-type, strong emission-type and balanced-type. When you selected the latter two products, you should pay attention to choose a flameout protection device, dry device, time off device interlocks with exhaust fans and other safety protection device products.
With so many types of gas geysers, how to choose it? In fact, buy a gas geyser should consider the following points:
First, we must understand what the home gas source is
Currently used in gas water heater gas source roughly natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and artificial gas. We buy the water heater should be used when the same kind with the actual use of gas water heater, otherwise it will cause abnormal combustion heater, water heater and then burned and endanger lives.
gas geyser
Second, according to their housing situation to buy a gas water heater
Choosing the size of the number of liters of gas water heater is configured according to the family home to buy for. Currently on the market of gas water heaters have 8 to 24 liters, the general home a guard a kitchen is not a bathtub, then select a 11L-13L, and with a bath, then select 13L-16L, and two guard a kitchen without a bathtub select a 16L , and with a bathtub on the choice, 16L-20L, if with two bath, then you should choose 20L or more points.
Third, combined with the optional conditions of the installation location of the home water heater Gas water heater 11 liters-24 liters of indoor and outdoor, are applicable to a kitchen and a bathroom to the two kitchen two Wei, scope of use. Installed in the kitchen should choose the strong emission-type, must be installed in the bathroom if you got to choose a balanced water heater. Thus consumers in the purchase process, must be based on the actual situation, choose models, otherwise it will affect the results and safety.
Fourth, according to need to select specifications. The amount of water per minute water heaters are of different sizes, so the water heater has 6 liters, 6.5 liters, 7 liters, 8 liters, 10 upgrade specifications of the points. Large flow of water heater suitable for population and family without heating, low flow water heater and vice versa. If you live in a high-rise above the fifth floor, the best choice for low water pressure start gas water heater.
Fifth, choose a perfect after-sales service of products. In addition, we purchase, be sure to choose some well-known brands, such as Vatti.Generally, the famous brand has good after-sales service. On the installation be sure to confirm whether the charge installation fees and material fees. Under normal circumstances, gas water heaters are single-received material costs, delivery, installation of these are free.
Vatti mainly engaged in the production and sales of household appliances such as electric built in ovens, gas hob, electric hob, gas water heater and cooker hood, investment of self-possessed assets of the enterprise, and imports and exports, Zhongshan Vatti Gas Appliance Stock Co., Ltd. (Stock Code 002035) was incorporated in November 28, 2001. Its predecessor i.e. Zhongshan Vatti Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in April of 1992. The joint-stock company's share controlled branch companies include Zhongshan Vatti Integrated Kitchen Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Huaying Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Vatti Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment Co., Ltd., and Zhongshan Xuanneng Gas Burner Stock Co., Ltd.

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