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How to Choose an Oven for Families? --Experience Sharing

First, I have to say that I am not an oven expert. But because my major is is Western food etiquette, I often use the oven and I just share my ideas about how to choose a suitable oven from a user's point of view.

Before going abroad, I have no idea about the real oven. Our family has a small oven, which can only put two slices of bread inside. There is no temperature control, once the temperature has been rising, it just keeps heating and breads become burntloaf. So, it was just a Toast Oven, not a real oven. At that time, I thought it was an electric oven.

built in ovens 

When I went abroad, I knew what a real oven is. Oven is the most basic kitchen facilities in a foreign family. Basically the ovens they use are built in ovens and the minimum size of they are 50 liters. In many families, they even use two ovens. Both of them are usually the same. For some western families, an oven is not enough because in western diet, oven is used frequently. Of course, for the Chinese people, we are more accustomed to using the stove to fry and cook. But the family has an oven is also very necessary. Even if you do not bake west point, the oven can do a lot of dishes. So, we can greatly enrich our dining table with an oven.

Perhaps, you may ask, why not buy a microwave oven with grill? Microwave oven grill only has one set of single-sided heating tube, while the regular oven is heating up and down with two-sided heating. Of course, their effect is different. There is still very necessary to buy a standard oven. A small oven, it is just worthy a meal or cloth money, but you can create hundreds of roast recipes, and you can use it for many years. That's very worthwhile. Since I returned home, it has become a priority for me to buy an oven. In other countries, I used to use the built in ovens of 60 liters. In the initial period of time, my only concern is built in ovens. In my opinion, that is the real oven. And I brought back a lot of baking molds, which cannot be put in small ovens.

I visited almost all of the furniture and electric city in Guangzhou, built in ovens' quality and price makes me so disappointed. The price of imported oven is RMB5000-10000 and their quality barely passable, but the cost performance is very low. Domestic oven is poor in quality and their features are gaudy and price is 2000-10000. The oven of RMB2000 basic is simply a shoddy tin box. The oven of RMB10000 is better, but they have the additional three layers of glass and some gorgeous accessories, I do not understand many functions. Quality is still very general; the concept has become increasingly complex, such as 8 functions, 16 functions, 24 kinds of functions. Many people feel dizzy about the functions. So, I think their price performance is too low.

Later, a friend introduced a professional baking equipment factory for me. At present, many bakeries use that brand of machine. I've used in other countries, it is very good. Vatti built in ovens owns big fames in global market. More than 15 years Vatti dedicated to produce and develop built in ovens series. Profession and concentration makes the perfect. When I got the product brochure, I was delighted. Because that was the oven what I need. It is 56L and it is the volume what I want. The most important is that it can be used to grill meets, I usually like to eat barbecue. The built-in oven's baking function is performed by heating the gases and separates it equably for cooking and baking food. As the grill, it is through the upper heating directly heat gas for cooking. And I think the price performance is high. So, I quickly set up a station.

Last week, I use it at home for grilled fish and steaks. With the grill and fan mode, the fan separates the heat gas equably, fish and steak were roasted crisp outside and tender inside. The day before yesterday I used it to bake a pizza with Pizza mode, the heater, fan and turbine heater operated simultaneously, ensuring the best pizza baking state. The grilled pizza was the same as the store's and it tasted particularly good! In addition, it is very convenient to toast breads for breakfast. I am very satisfied.

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