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The Small Details You Probably Ignore When Bathing In Winter

In the winter, many people would like to use hot water when they take a shower because it is very comfortable. But the hot water will make the skin lost moisture, and then it may become dry and cause the burst of capillaries.

In fact, the proper bath water temperature in winter is 37 ℃ -42 ℃. It should be slightly higher than the body temperature. You can open the gas geyser and feel the water’s temperature by your hands before you have a shower. In winter you may have a shower for a long time and it may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, so it is also very important to select a safe gas geyser. The gas geyser manufactured by Vatti, rated as the top 3 I China are energy-efficient, cost-effective and high quality, with basic features like flame failure safety device, over water pressure & temperature, anti-dry-burning protection, which decrease the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning of taking shower for a long time in winter. If you feel the water’s temperature is a little higher than your body temperature, that’s perfect.

After bathing, you must wipe body lotion. In winter, you should wipe body lotion before moisture in the skin evaporates. That is to increase a protective film for your skin. Many people think that body lotion is applied to increase skin oils, but in fact, it is applied to lock the skin moisture. Initially there will be sticky feeling when you wipe body lotion, but when your skin absorbs it, you will not feel dry and tight. Apart from your chest and back, the other body part should also be wiped with body lotion.

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