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The Misconceptions about Gas Geyser

The gas geyser, as a household electrical appliance, is closely bound up with our life.

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But while providing warmth and comfort, due to some misuse by people or some forged and fake commodities which steal in the markets, the safety of gas geysers has been doubted by many people. Take the development of car as an example: cars bring great benefits to people. Only if obey the traffic rules and related regulations for safety, there would be no traffic accidents. But in fact, many people were killed in a car accident. The car is still in production and the auto industry is also developing. And although accidents for using briquettes stove occur every year, people haven't not stopped using it. Thus, the use of gas geyser should follow certain rules, as long as to install as required and follow the correct procedures, it will facilitate our life and benefit more people.

Oxy-fuel combustion and the production of smoke are two characteristics during the use of gas geyser. In normal circumstances, the carbon monoxide in flue gas is very little, but when the air supply is not sufficient, the carbon monoxide will greatly increase. Operating the gas geyser in the poor ventilation will result in the increase of carbon monoxide and lack of oxygen. The poison from Carbon monoxide is suicide, and it is a kind of colorless, odorless and non-irritating toxic gas, which can cause headache, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, palpitations, vomiting and other symptoms.

And here are some rules for its daily use:

1. Gas geyser must be installed outside the bathroom, and the exhaust pipe must be also installed to ensure the air flow.

2. Regularly check up is essential. Check it in soapy water and see whether there are leaks in gas pipes or not. If there is, the pipes should be immediately replaced and people should turn off the gas valve and open the windows. On that occasion, phones and other electrical appliances are forbidden.

3. The burner should be cleaned by the technicians every three months.

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