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The Structure of Electric Oven and Its Operating Process

The electric oven is a universal drying equipment, composed of steel box and fiber filler, operated with the hot air circulation system.

built in electric oven

The oven is made in double-layer structure, with fiber material filled between the internal and external shells, and several dials on the exterior are used to operate the oven. Electric ovens with trustworthy oven brands will be made of strong materials, and the quality is assured. Generally, the fiber material used in industrial oven is aluminum silicate, which has the effect of heat preservation. And the temperature is regulated with a thermostat which is located in the temperature control dial. In addition, the industrial oven is configured with hot air circulation system as well as the temperature measurement and control system. When opening the electric oven, a baking rack and two heating elements which are separately at the top and bottom can be seen.

A copper wire plays a role in the connection of temperature control. When this control is turned on to a certain temperature, the heating element at the bottom of the oven starts to heat until the designated temperature is reached. When the oven temperature is decreasing, the oven will heat again to the desired temperature, in this way, the consistency of the oven temperature can be realized. The most common way to use the oven for cooking and baking is to set the temperature on the oven and the baking cycle will then be started. This is also when the timer dial is most often used. The broil dial is used for quick browning of food. If the user has left the food for too long during this cycle, it will burn inside. The self cleaning dial is used to clean the oven. The front door of the oven has a lock so that the oven cannot be opened when using the self cleaning option. When the self cleaning dial is turned on, the thermostat activates both the top and bottom elements making the oven extremely hot. The door cannot be unlocked until the cleaning cycle is complete.

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