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Delicacy on Electric Hob

The ways people cook their food is changing to please the discriminating palates. With basic and simple food materials, different tastes can be cooked by steaming, boiling, stewing, stir-frying, baking, deep frying and pickling, including crisp, tender, curdled and rare. Compared with other cooking equipments, built in gas hobs have more choice in cooking. And with the technological improvement, manufacturers combine the practicability and aesthetics together on modern cooking tools. Cooking is the art or practice of preparing food for consumption with the use of heat. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions. Based on the same cooking principles and with original food materials, the natural taste of the food will never change when cooked by electric hob, and that is the charm of traditional cooking equipment.


In various cooking methods, boiling, steaming and stewing can keep the food's original taste to a large extent. Among them, boiling sometimes requires more attention and cooking skill than the other two methods. In the process of boiling, the duration and degree of heating and if the food is heated evenly all require cooking techniques. Bringing water to a boil is generally done by applying maximal heat, then shutting off when the water has come to a boil, which is known as bang–bang control. Keeping water at or below a boil requires more careful control of temperature, particularly by using feedback. Boiling has several advantages. It is safe and simple, and it is appropriate for large-scale cookery. Older, tougher, cheaper cuts of meat and poultry can be made digestible. Nutritious, well flavored stock is produced. Also, maximum color and nutritive value is retained when cooking green vegetables, provided boiling time is kept to the minimum. Following is a traditional Chinese desert--Chinese Custard's cooking method.

Main ingredient: milk, egg yolk and castor sugar.

Making methods: first, use chopsticks to stir the egg yolk, add sugar and pour the milk into the milk pot, heating with small fire till the sugar dissolves. Then pour the egg yolk into the pot immediately and stir inside in one circle direction to prevent the egg yolk is heated to agglomerate. And now the milk is boiled gradually into paste and the fragrance comes out. If the degree of heating hasn't been well controlled, the custard would finally turn into egg flower soup.

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