Electric Oven's Operating Principle

The electric oven can be divided into three types based on the different applicable places and purposes, including household, industrial and cooking. Among them, cooking electric oven, or the built in electric oven, is the most familiar to people because it can make delicious food without complicated process. With several dials on the exterior people can operate the oven easily. And a thermostat is to regulate the temperature of the oven, located in the temperature control dial. There is also a timer control dial to help people measure the time.

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Electricity, the resistance wire and heat radiates make the oven work. Electricity will flow to the element when the oven knob is turned to the "on" position and the thermostat set to a temperature. And for the first time that the oven is turned on, the electricity flows consistently to the element to allow it to heat up. After the element is heated to the desired temperature, electricity flows in an on-off pattern to maintain a constant temperature.

The oven element is essentially a resistance wire, which makes it encounter resistance when electricity reaches the element. In other words, the element slows down, or resists the flow of electricity. Because the electricity cannot flow freely, it builds up heat as it slowly passes through the element.

The heat begins to radiate out from the element when it builds up within the element from the restricted flow of electricity and the radiating heat will raise the temperature of an insulator around the resistance wire, which will in turn heat the air in the oven. Thus, if there is something wrong with the heating element, it can cause an oven not to heat enough to operate efficiently or effectively. Without the free flow of electricity through the conductor, the element will no longer get hot enough to bake. In that case, turn off the the oven's breaker and replace the element. A thermostat is connected to the wire that turns the flow of electricity on and off to maintain the preselected temperature.

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