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What Should be Noted for Built-In Gas Hob Installation?

Gas hob is an indispensable home kitchen appliance. The built-in gas hob has won the trust of many consumers with its beautiful appearance and, durable performance. Consumers need to pay attention to many aspects when installing built in gas hobs. In this article, we will talk about the build in gas hob installation.

Now families are increasingly focused on kitchen decoration, the built in hobs are popular, but there are more and more cases of accidents caused by improper installation or use. The gas company found that many users do not leave vents or louvers on the cupboard door under the gas furnace, especially users who purchase motivated wind built in gas hobs, they think that air is supplied from the hob surface when the hob is burning, and the wind is not from the hob bottom, so they make the cabinet doors sealed. Gas experts pointed that it is obviously wrong, though the installation of the built in hob solve the combustion air not enter from the bottom of the hob, but there is hob pipe, plug valves, hoses under the hob, if they are sealed inside, it is difficult to detect if there is leak, the escaping gas will accumulate in the cupboard, which is likely to cause danger when they encounter spark.
It is best to avoid the midday and evening routine gas using time when users use natural gas, to avoid over-concentration of gas use. When you ignite, the flame maybe not ignited, then you can ignite more or ignite with matches, to ensure "flame waiting for gas". In the use of gas hob, people shall not be away, to prevent a sudden drop in pressure to cause gas leak. Once the flame is extinguished, you should immediately close the stove valve and gas hob valve and open the ventilation window, not immediately activate or deactivate the hoods or other electrical switches, re-ignite after the odor disappears.

Installation of gas hobs shall meet the following requirements:

1. Gas hobs should be installed in a well ventilated kitchen, when using bedroom suite or single-use corridor as the kitchen, the door should be located and separated from the bedroom;

2. The room to be installed with gas hob should not be less than 2.2 m in height.

3. Gas hob, flammable or difficult combustible walls should take effective fireproof insulation measures; the net distance between the edge of gas hob and water quality furniture should not be less than 20 mm;
4. There should have a channel less than one meter between the gas hob and the opposite wall.

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