Sanya Hoi Fan Competition, Vatti win again


You will feel a little bit hot in March Sanya, but it is a good time to sail. March 19, 2014 "Aloha Cup", the fifth Central Hainan International Regatta (hereinafter referred to as "Hoi Fan Competition") started in Sanya, Hainan. Central Hainan International Regatta is China the longest route, the highest competitive level of big sailing events, has been included in the International Sailing Federation's match calendar.

With an excellent location advantage Hainan Island, a unique island-based route design and quality and efficient organization of the competitions, it has been attracting a growing number of the world's sailing master of the competition, while also providing a world-class learn and master the art of China's outstanding player get game experience platform. Last season, Vatti won the game and this year, it also attends Hainan Island Regatta IRC-B2 group stage game. Fierce competition made everyone enjoyable, Shaped number super performance made it hold the top spot, won the Coronation and become one of the hot spots of the contest attention. It was not only a battle, but also a self-challenge.


Except the exciting sailing competition, Vatti also sponsored to games. Every year you will see the glass room belonging to Vatti, in which you will find various kinds of products like gas cookers which can provide visitors and athletes with delicious foods.

“It is true that we have our own happy life”. Vatti always devotes to sharing and creating happiness for customers.

Let us look forward to next Hoi Fan Competition, look forward to more excellent games and delicious food.

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