2002 Public Benefit Activities

In December of 2002, some regions in Kweichow Province suffered from severe natural calamities, resulting in drop in production of cereals. When the leaders of Vatti found out the situation, they instructed at once to donate 50 tons of rice to solve the extremely urgency for the peasantry living in the disaster areas.

In September of 2002, over 100 Vatti distributors and their employees subsidized 150 impoverished pupils living in Chongqing as per 1-aiding-1 mode. In addition, an agreement for subsidizing 150 impoverished pupils was concluded and signed on the spot. That activity was highly appraised by the leaders from the Municipal Women's Federation.

In August of 2002, with the aid of the neighborhood committee of Shaanxi Diesel Engine Factory, personnel from Vatti's monopolized shop located at Shaanxi Diesel Engine Factory, Shaanxi Province presented as a gift the Vatti gas cookers to the badly-off elderly persons of no family, and explained in detail the safety of gas consumption and lifelong guarantee, such that the badly-off elderly persons of no family were deeply moved.

Public Benefit Activities of cooker hoods company Public Benefit Activities of cooker hoods manufacturer

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