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Guidance to Operation and Maintenance of Gas Hobs

1. Regularly check the connections of gas supply line for leak, check the rubber hose for good condition, aging and crackles; if any, they shall be replaced in time. The steps are given as follows:
(1) The user may prepare a right amount of soapy water for leak hunting.
(2) Turn on the gas valve to ensure unblocked gas supply.
(3) Check the connections of relief pressure valve for gas leak (for liquefied gas only); Allow a little soapy water to drip onto the connection between the relief pressure valve and liquefied gas cylinder, observe the connections for any bubbles; if any, consult the consumer for replacing the relief pressure.
(4) Check the connections of connecting hose for gas leak: Same as the methods described above.
(5) If gas leak cannot be solved by the above-mentioned method, a door-to-door inspection is required.
2. The users of gas hobs shall clean the fire holes in the fire cover to avoid jamming; the foreign materials such as dust and cobwebs inside the end block shall also be removed regularly.
3. The fire covers of gas hobs must be replaced with the genuine products manufactured by the original manufacturer if they are damaged. They must not be replaced with random products in order to avoid poor combustion.
4. The gas inlet hose subjected to long-term operation may get aged or damaged, resulting in potential safety hazards. Therefore, a gas inlet hose showing aging shall be replaced in time, and it must not be repaired with adhesive plaster and then put into operation again.
5. The users who adopt manufactured gas of other special gas supplies shall clean the holes in the fire cover regularly so as to avoid jamming.
6. Different gas supplies required different gas cookers. Please pay attention to that in process of selection and purchase. If the gas supply you adopt is changed, you must ask the original manufacturer to modify your cooktops accordingly before they are put into operation again.
7. When a gas hob burner is in operation, the operator shall not stay far away from it. In case of gas leak or flame quenching due to occasional causes(wind blowing, or water overflowing ), the main switch of gas supply shall be turned off at once; open the doors and windows for rapid ventilation; never light a fire or switch on/off a electric apparatus so as to prevent electric sparks from detonating the gas.

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