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Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2011


Kitchen appliance trends for 2011

The soul of any kitchen lies in the appliances that it houses – kitchen appliances need to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, technologically advanced and energy efficient.

Quality and performance
“One transition that has been made in luxury kitchen appliances has been the incorporation of professional-grade qualities in home spaces. This trend capitalises on the desires for the utmost in quality and the ability to comfortably entertain in your home. Like the quest for any luxury item, a simple appliance for the casual home will not satisfy the discerning requirements of any upmarket residence. Instead, state-of-the-art appliances from upmarket brands such as Miele for example, that please the tastes and desires of its owners, are a sought after status symbol,” says Menday.

An integrated approach
A top design trend in the world of kitchen appliances today, is the drive to create a seamless and fully integrated look. While top-quality performance is critical in this market, aesthetic appeal continues to play a key role in the design of specialty appliances, particularly those that are featured in open-plan kitchens.

Lifestyle trends
To a large extent, the lifestyles and interests of consumers dictate the appliances they desire, Menday says: “It’s all about surrounding yourself with products tailored to your particular lifestyle. For example, if you collect wine and like to entertain, you may choose a wine cooler versus a coffee system. If you like to entertain, you might choose a warming drawer and coffee system. Healthy eaters or families, who want to make whole foods quickly, will choose steam combination electric oven and induction hob.”


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