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The President "Visit" Xiaolan Fake Safe Havens at Night


The President "visit" Xiaolan fake safe havens at night

On the evening 10 o'clock of December 11th, the president Qijun Huang found a storefront has six or seven people are carrying goods to a truck in Xiaolan Yongning avenue .Suspecting that there are copies of Vatti oven, electric hobs and gas hobs 'packaging on the market. Once at a closing range, the judgment identifies to be true. In order not to startle, Qijun Huang then left, informed the ministry of justice and contact the police station as well as industrial and commercial bureau. At 11 o'clock, the member of law department developed a strict surveillance on fake site. About half past 11, the truck about to set off was intercept successfully by Qijun Huang and policeman who timely come from Xiaolan, and that moment we are surprisingly to found that the truck are full of fake and infringement products, what’s worse, the two warehouse about 200 square meters are also heaped with sham tort products of all sorts of brands. About 12:30 the member of Xiaolan Gewerbeamt are also rushing to the scene and counting the involved sham tort of products and drawing away, which fully filled with five trucks. At present, the case has passed to law enforcement agencies to deal with.
President of gas hobs manufacturer

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