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Energy Collection Upgrade Again

Vatti energy collection hob caused uproar in the industry with the advantages of energy-saving 37% than common hob, known as a big traditional kitchen revolution. the core components burner is manufactured by Vatti holding company Xuanneng Technology As technology leader Tianyi Luo led his team with full enthusiasm completed the burner supply, provides a focal backup guarantee for Vatti energy collection hob sales.
Tianyi Luo in 2010 Xuanneng the end of year meeting said that they have completed the first generation energy collection technical; meanwhile, the company also obtains the profit, and steadily enters into the benign development stage. Tianyi Luo discloses, 2011 Xuanneng can improve the productivity, make the supply of burner reaching 100000 sets/month, and will start to research the second and third generation energy collection burner. Then, a new generation of fusion burner obtains the overwhelming majority of users by high heat efficiency and stability.

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