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The torch of Pan American Games


In the morning of February 28, the brand strategy center of Vatti shares held a meeting, which related on the signing and releasing of torch about Pan American Games and the pushing of the project, The CEO Qijun Huang, the general manager of brand strategy center Weijian He and other related members attended the meeting. It was learned that both the Vatti shares and Pan-American Games organizing committee have signed an contract on cooperation project. The contract said that the equipments of the 16th Pan-American Games and Pan-American Paralympics are provided by Vatti shares, such as the torch, brazier of holy fire, flame light and torch’s gas bottle. During the discussion, Qijun Huang pointed out that Pan-American Games belongs to high grade, high standard international sporting events, also Vatti’s torch is world-famous so the cooperation is mutual-beneficial. From our point of view, providing torch for the Pan-American Games is another landmark important events for Vatti brand go to the international stage after the Singapore Youth Olympic Games. Last but not the least, all members of the project team should be "high attention, strives for perfection", as well as not only refer the Olympic and the Asian Olympic torch’s successful design experience, but also need to consider the specific conditions of Pan-American Games, besides we must and have to make a comprehensive consideration, elaborate the design and strive for perfection, only in this way can bring Vatti brand to a brilliant future again. 
 Pan American Games 2011
2011 Pan American Games
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