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Pan American Games


Vatti is the Supplier for Torch of the 16th Pan American Games in 2011.
The Pan American Games (Pan Am Games) is a multi-sport event between competitors from all nations in Americas, held every four years in the year before the summer Olympic Games. The games were last held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2007. The next will be in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2011, followed by the 2015 games in Toronto, Canada.
Pan American Gamesplayer in the Pan American Gamesplayer of the Pan American Games
The idea of holding a Pan American Games grew from the Central American Games which were first organized in the 1920s. In 1932, a first proposal was made for Pan American Games, and the Pan American Sports Organization (Organización Deportiva Panamericana; ODEPA/PASO) was established. The first games were scheduled to be staged in Buenos Aires in 1943, but World War II caused them to be postponed until 1951. Since then, the Games have been held every four years, with participation at the most recent event at over 5,000 athletes from 42 countries.
However, for certain sports on the program, such as swimming, the Pan American Games have lost status in the United States, and have not received much attention in the sporting press. The Americans had sent their "B" swimming team to Winnipeg in 1999, in contrast to the 1967 edition where they fielded many rising stars such as Mark Spitz. No major USA television network has covered the last 3 editions of the Games, while newspapers sent second-string reporters and the stories never made front page news. Many high profile athletes, of all nationalities, such as US champion sprinters and Brazilian football players, were in Europe during these Pan Ams, taking part in professional events. South American nations (with the exception of Uruguay) did not send their under-23 male soccer teams after the organizing committee refused to pay appearance money to CONMEBOL. In Canada, there was plenty of coverage, including a nightly two-hour program on CBC, with an additional hour on local affiliate CBWT, French-language coverage on Radio-Canada, plus daytime coverage on TSN. By 2003, the Pan American Games were once again neglected by the media. Generally, the Pan American Games receive plenty of attention in most Latin American countries. The 2007 edition, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has prompted the Organizing Committee to restore important venues such as the Estádio do Maracanã and build a new Olympic Village. In the United States, the Rio Games were broadcast live and on a delayed basis by ESPN Deportes, ESPN's Spanish-language sports network.
organization logo of the Pan American Games

Pan American Torch
Since the first Pan American Games, a torch is lit in the same way as the Olympic Games (since 1936), Asian Games (since 1958) and All Africa Games (since 1965). In the first games in Buenos Aires in 1951, the torch came from Olympia, Greece. Since the 1955 Mexico games, the torch is lit by Aztec people in old temples, first in the Sierra de la Estrella and after in the Temple of the Sun God in the Teotihuacán Pyramids. The only exception was for the São Paulo games in 1963, when the torch was lit in Brasilia by the indigenous Guarani people.
torch of the Pan American Gamestorch for the Pan American Games

Through supplying the torch for the Pan American Games, Vatti well demonstrate its good international image.

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