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Beijing and Vatti Media fellowship

On March 13.2011, the Vatti public relations department organize central media and Beijing area mainstream media for gathering, the media such as central media which participate in the party is Xinhua News Agency, the China business news, China economic times, the China consumers news, China business herald, also have the Beijing morning news, the Beijing news, Beijing business newspaper, shopping guides and so on Beijing mainstream media, and also have Sina, Tencent media, and the China Household Appliance network,Wanwei Household Appliance network, Hot News network, Thunder network etc, more than 20 media representatives summarized the Media&Enterprises cooperation, which make suggestions for building enterprise’s good public opinion atmosphere.
On fellowship society ,Bin Luo said: "the traditional media has its inherent advantages and emerging media presents specific audience, in the New Year we will pay attention to media development trend and use the strategy which make traditional and emerging media stereo combination, and keep up provide the media valuable news story from enterprise and at the same time invite media to visit enterprise at the opportune time ,also promote the communication and good interaction between media&enterprises.
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