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Electric Oven OE619A- 8COGW

Electric Oven OE619A- 8COGW
Electric Oven OE619A- 8COGW
  • Electric Oven OE619A- 8COGW
  • Electric Oven OE619A- 8COGW
  • Minimum: 40' HQ
  • Delivery: 30days
  • Model: OE619A- 8COGW
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: Vatti
  • Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Price: FOB, CIF
  • Inquire Online

Product Information


1. Fully programmable with LED display                     
2. Electronic clock and minder with auto off            
3. Cavity cooling system                                                                          
4. Mechanical thermostat                                      
5. Cooler to touch double glazed oven door                      
6. Removable door and inner glass for easy cleaning              
7. Large capacity with 5 shelf layers                                                              
8. Multifunction oven with 7 working methods                
   -Top light                                               
   - Defrost                                          
   -Conventional Bake                                
   -Fan Forced                                   
   -Grill &Top Element                                    
   -Grill &Top Element and Fan                             
   -Bottom Element and Fan 
Optional Function:                                           
1. Rotisserie for perfect roast                           
2. Push-push knobs for an enhanced aesthetic finish                   
3. Triple glazed glass door                                 
4. Full glass with large view window                            
5. Inner shelf with handle                                     
6. Catalytic Self Cleaning                                 
7. Telescopic runners                   
Technical information:                                   
-Usable Capacity     56L                                   
-Max. Temperature   250 ℃                             
-Max. Rating power   2035W                     
-1 pc top light       15 W                                       
-Top element        800 W                                     
-Grill element       1200W                         
-Bottom element     850W                         
-Rear element       1300W                           
-Cooling fan        15W                                 
-Ventilation fan      25W                                     
-(Rotisserie        4W)                          

Supplied accessories:                                         
1 Backing tray                                         
1 Shelve                                              
2 Side racks                                          


Container Loading:                                         
20′ GP 81pcs, 40′ GP 171pcs,40′ HQ 220pcs                

Packaging dimension (mm):                                 
Product size (W × D × H): 600×570×600                                               
Package size (W × D × H): 670×615×680                    

Weight (kg):                                        
Gross weight: 32.1                                      
Net weight: 28.5

Vatti sale flow
Compared with the same period last year, there is a slight rise. Cumulative year-on-year sales growth for the first quarter of the gas stove is based on the monitoring of Vatti retail is 3.35%, due to the proportion of the rise in sales of high-end Single Wall Oven products and models prices, the sales rose year-on-year growth is 19.48%.


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