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Built-in Oven

Vatti built in ovens owns big fames in global market. More than 15 years Vatti dedicated to produce and develop built in ovens series. Profession and concentration makes the perfect products. Vatti got it's absolute advantages at material choosing, design, high tech, after sale service, qualified maintenance team.
Material: stainless steel panel, transparent toughened glass, Light touch type button, the operation is simple and clear, and electronic timing screen.
High tech: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, security function, can avoid improper operation caused by food.
Design:24 inch built in ovens, practical and Concise design, popular by most US and European customers.

Our built in oven include electric oven, gas oven, electric & gas oven. Build in ovens have taken rapid strides over the traditional freestanding ovens with many models being fitted with sophisticated modern features and fittings.

With our new technological advances and powerful R&D capability, we are capable to offer the satisfactory built in ovens. Customized order and OEM/ODM services for built in ovens are available. We can offer built in ovens with short leadtime. We welcome customers to visit our factory or Vatti homepage  for more details about built in ovens!
Choose Vatti, choose the best built in ovens!

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