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Electric Hob

Besides the fact that electric hobs are becoming increasingly popular because of their sleek design and neat style, electric ovens usually have more options to select from when cooking. The kitchen hob has been in our lives for over 200 years, and the most common type for new homes is the electric hob. These functions the most have are an electric fan, a defrost option, and also slow cooking settings. Another benefit of having an electric oven is that the fan covers the entire area so that the heat is around the same temperature. This is different than you normal oven which heats from the bottom to top. Also since the air rises it means that your food is cooking at different speeds making your food unevenly cooked and you are constantly moving the pot around to get that even cook.

Electric hobs convert electricity into heat to cook and bake. There are advanced features in Vatti’s electric hobs like fully programmable with LED display, easy to clean vitro ceramic glass surface, front sensor touch controls, residual heat indicator, multiple cooking zones, dual overheating protection, child safety lock and more. We welcome customers to visit our factory for more details about electric hobs!

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