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Gas Hob

Gas hobs/Gas cookers have always been popular as they give more control and quicker heating than electric hobs. It is rare you find a modern chef cooking on anything other than gas as they offer an instant change in temperature. There are many different types of gas hob available these days, ranging from traditional gas to ceramic and induction hobs. Gas hob is cooker that use natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas or other flammable gas as a fuel source in cooking.

As the leading brand and top supplier of cooking utensils such as electric oven  & build in gas hobs in China, Vatti’s gas cookers have many features including the basic features such as
1.easy to clean black tempered glass surface
2.stainless steel base
3.front controls
4.automatic electronic ignition
5.enamel trivets
6. multiple burners, adaptable for LPG or natural gas, recessed cooktop to catch spills, side controls, etc., and the optional features such as flame failure device, heavy duty cast iron trivet different knob shapes, etc.

Customized order and OEM/ODM services for gas hobs are available. The gas cookers we produce are made of selected materials and advanced equipment. With complete and efficient production system for gas cookers production, we can offer gas cookers with short leadtime. We welcome customers to visit our factory for more details about Gas hobs/gas cookers.

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