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Gas Water Heater

Gas water heater (Gas geyser) and gas hob are appliances which use gas as energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Gas water heater is favored by most homeowners because they are efficient and reliable. The newer gas water heating units are constructed without tanks and these versions instantly heat and deliver water on demand. The water is not held in a tank but is instead circulated through a number of burners that serve to heat the water as it passes through the heating unit to the central heating system or tap. The gas water heating system without a tank is cheaper in the long run because it does not have to heat the water on a continuous basis. You are not using energy to heat water that cools and has to be reheated.

The Gas geyser manufactured by Vatti, rated as the top-3 in China are energy-efficient, cost-effective and high-quality, with basic features like flame failure safety device, over water pressure & temperature protection, water drainage for anti-freezing, anti-dry-burning protection, etc., and optional functions like
1. 20 minute timer
2. ODS device and LED display,
3. starting with super low pressure for 5L, 6L and 7L, forced exhaust function and more.
4. OEM and ODM orders of gas water heaters are available.

In 2012, Vatti had ranked as top 5 supplier of Gas geyser at South Africa & UK market, The power of focus and professional makes Vatti stand up in gas applience market, welcome buyers make an inquiry!

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