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3rd Asian Beach Games fell on July, covering 45 countries all over Asia. Vatti, the excellent industry design and manufacturing company, also won the grand pride to be the sole designer and supplier for the torch.

Key Indicators
Torch: 2500pcs Lantern:   4 sets
Caldron: 8 units
Fire box: 2 pieces
Fire collector / kindling: 2sets

Craftsmanship for the upper shell:
• Outer lining:aluminum tube slide trombone +pipe reduction + elbow + hydroform + computer carving + plastic + polishing+ oxidation + spray finishing + water transfer printing
• Inner lining:blanking + punching + premolding + molding + oxidation + plastic + spray finishing + water transfer printing

Craftsmanship for the handle:
injection molding+ polishing+ spray finishing+ water transfer print


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