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View of Vatti

Unique Industrial Tour, Unique Feature Show
As  the largest production base of kitchen ware like electric oven, gas hobs and electric hobs in the Asian-Pacific region, Vatti Industrial Park was completed in August of 2006, covering more than 250.000㎡ . It is well equipped with advanced machines and various kinds of testing facilities, which provide sufficient production capability to meet both domestic and overseas needs.


In the Industrial Park, trees shade the streets; flower and plant flourish; the scenery joys people. Vatti artificial lake covers 6,000 ㎡, storing about 7,000 tons of processed industrial water which can be used to water flowers and trees and supply cold and hot water sources for the central air-conditioning in the office, to realize zero-release drainage of the whole factory. Vatti Industrial Park is not only a park of science and technology but also a park of environment protection.

Modern Production Workshop
The 0.4% extinctivity of the Olympic torch in The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games created a mythology in the history of Torch-relay. And then in the Paralympic Games, Vatti’s torch created a new record of zero extinctivity for the Olympic Games. What behind the miracles is the reflection of Vatti’s endsville ability in the field of burning technology.
In Vatti’s cooker production workshop, you will see how miracles come. Here, millions of gas utensils were produced, which is the proof of Vatti’s strong technology ability for decades. The main equipments are brought in from famous companies home and abroad and every work stage is the combination of expertise and technology. Here, you will exclaim over the advanced technology and appreciate the leading quality of the world. Mystery is disclosed for you here!

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